Training and Supervision

We seek to improve the lives of our clients through individual and environmental support.

We can tailor training, professional development and supervision to the needs of the group or individual.

Our areas of professional expertise include:

  • Trauma-informed behaviour support, with a particular lens on applications within Applied Behaviour Analysis and positive behaviour support
  • Forensic Disability
  • Person-Centred Risk Assessments and Management
  • Ethical Decision-Making in Risk Management and Service Planning

What type of supervision?

Relevant for
  • Other Professionals

Areas of professional expertise we can support you and your team’s development include:

  • Forensic disability
  • Education systems
  • Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA)
  • Group
  • Individual
Collaborate with us

Core Practitioner Program

This 10-week program is designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge to become a successful Behaviour Support Practitioner and a leader in your field.

Benefit from weekly direct instruction by an experienced Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA).

Sessions can count as group supervision for those working towards BACB certification.

Our content is chunked into digestible portions for effortless understanding and application.

You will get 10 live online training sessions, each 1.5 hours, supplemented by offline resources and activities.

We ensure a seamless transition from theoretical frameworks such as Applied Behaviour Analysis, Positive Behaviour Support, and bio-psycho-social support; to practical Positive Behaviour Support practices.


We are always looking to partner and collaborate with organisations and government bodies to further develop the quality standards in practice across the field through research and policy development.

Services we provide

Contact us and we can tailor a package to your needs

Meet the
Elements ABC team

Clinical and Managing Director

Chelsea Troutman

Chelsea is a Board Certified Behavioural Analyst (BCBA), Practitioner and Clinical Supervisor
General Manager, Operations, People & Culture

Nicole Matheson

Nicole has over 10 years experience working in leadership and project management roles within social services
Clinical Manager

Megan Phillips

Megan has worked across the mental health, disability, NDIS and forensic sectors for over 20 years
Team Leader and Behaviour Support Practitioner

Jonathon Hunt

Jonathon has been working in the disability sector for 15 years
Behaviour Support Practitioner

Fernanda Maldonado

Fernanda has a Bachelor of Speech Pathology and Master of Applied Behaviour Analysis
Behaviour Support Practitioner

Tegan Longworth

Tegan has a Bachelor of Science (Psychology)
Behaviour Support Practitioner

Rebecca Mann

Rebecca has a Bachelor in Psychological Studies
Core Behaviour Support Practitioner

Kylie Sneddon

Kylie has a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours
Core Behaviour Support Practitioner

Harrison Watson-Hann

Harry has a Bachelor of Criminology and Psychology
Operations Leader

Zoe Lehner

Zoe has a Bachelor of Arts/Science

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